Nutrition in seaweed

Today seaweed is not a part of most peoples diet and the product is overlooked in the everyday kitchen. This is despite the fact that seaweed contains many vitamins and minerals. Here at Nordic Seaweed we would like bring the healthy and tasty seaweed in to your kitchen.
We produce healthy and delicious food products such as seaweed bread, seaweed oil, seaweed spices, seaweed pasta and seaweed salad.

Considering the use of seaweed, historically speaking, many things suggest that people have used seaweed as food and medicin for many thousand years. In archeological digs in Chile, which can be dated back to 12.000 B.C., they have found remains of different kinds of seaweed in morters.

In Asia seaweed has also been used as food and medicin for the last 5.000 years.

In Northern Europe seaweed has been on the menu for many hundred years. All costal lines in Northern Europe have different kinds of seaweed, and examinations of old remains suggest that Stone Age man used the ocean for survival.
It is therefore unlikely that seaweed has not been used for food at that time.
It is also believed that Norwegian vikings brought dried seaweed on their raids and as far back as the 10th century Icelandic eskimoes gathered different kinds of seaweed as food.

Seaweed and algea is very special, when you look at the nutritional values.
They are very different from plants grown on dry land.
The dry matter in seaweed can vary, but dried seaweed contains approximately 45-75% carbohydrates and fibres, 7-35% proteines, less than 5% fat and it contains many different vitamins. Some species of seaweed even contain a higher amount of C-vitamins than oranges.
Seaweed contains ten times as many minerals as in plants grown on dry land. Seaweed also contains a lot of iodine, which is important for the metabolism and growth.

On this page we have included two video-clips from our supplier of seaweed.
In the videoes he informs us of the nutrional values and the health benefits regarding seaweed as a source of food.
  Video 1 - Seamus A feature from the television programme "Nationwide" from RTÉ One

Video 2 - Seamus A feature from the television programme "Ear to the Ground" from RTÉ One
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