About us

Nordic Seaweed and its founders, Jesper Pedersen & the chef Tonny Kristensen, have through a period developed a line-up of new products with seaweed.
The products are adapted for the european markets.

Our philosophy with these new products are to make healthy and nutritional foods and at the same time pay attention to how fantastic and healthy seaweed is.
Seaweed is in our opinion and overlooked product in Europe, so now we offer seaweed, which is prepared to fit the European dinner tables.

Nordic Seaweed work together with several large food-supply organisations regarding development and production.

The product are sold through retail- and catering chains and at the moment we are working on several export markets.


tonny   Tonny has been running the restaurant called Snerlen in Strandby since 2001.
He was educated as a chef at Ålbæk Gl. Kro and he has worked at amongst others Brøndums Hotel and Restaurand Gråanden in Frederikshavn.
His interest in the good raw materials and creative thinking has secured a place in the finals for Chef of the Year three times.

Jesper has though many years worked in developing food products, businesses, market analysis and sales for the danish retail market.
Tonny in the kitchen    
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